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Perfect air. Made just for you.

Every pollutant needs its own filtration. That’s why we created air purifiers for your specific needs.


Choose your air needs:

Your air purification needs are personal: that’s why we’ve made air purifiers just for you. Choose the option below that most describes you and we’ll take it from there.


Air Purifier Tech Unlike Any Other

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Cleans three time faster than conventional air purifiers

Our filters clean a room three times faster than similar sized products.

You can leave your windows and doors open thanks to our fast-acting technology.


We kill bacteria without the use of UV Technology

Our patented Swiss anti-microbial coating allows our air purifiers to eliminate airborne pathogens without the use of harmful UV rays.

Not one other air purifier uses this technology: only aeris.

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We only deliver pure air

UV technology and ionization can create ozone, which can lead to coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing, and throat irritation.

Our coating technology protects you from pollutants without the harmful side effects created by other air purifiers.


Designed from the bottom up

Each one of our products has been built with meticulous care. Our goal: to make the best air purifier for you, built for your needs while also giving you control over the color, style, and more. The result: award-winning air purifiers made with uncompromising quality.


Our Purifiers

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aair 3-in-1 Pro


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aair one

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