Perfectly Engineered. Beautifully Designed.

Perfectly Engineered. Beautifully Designed.

Swiss-engineered. Award-winning. Protect your home with the latest in air purification technology

Removes particles at 0.1 microns, including coronavirus.

Remove 99.95% of airborne viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, allergens, pollen, odors, mold, mildew, and other pollutants in small to large spaces.


The air purifier for bedrooms, offices and other small spaces.

Or as low as $41/month with 0% APR with

For living rooms, large bedrooms, large offices and general usage

Or as low as $83/month with 0% APR with

2 Year Warranty

If you have any issues with your air purifier over the next 2 years, we’ve got you covered.

30 Day Guarantee

Something wrong with your purifier? Tell us within 30 days, and you can return it with a full refund.

Free Shipping

There are absolutely no hidden costs when you buy from aeris. Shipping is covered.

Rigorously Tested

Using the most advanced and highest-regarded third party tests to prove the effectiveness of our air purifiers, aeris doesn’t make claims: we back them up.

As seen in:

How aeris air purifiers change lives

“The high performance of the aeris 3-in-1 leaves most other purifiers (literally) in the dust.”


“A Swiss-made purifier with digital controls, self-learning performance, and a modern design. It is intuitive and had truly exceptional performance during our air quality test.”

modern castle

“It has it all: Whether you are looking for a specialized filtration process for large spaces or just a sleek, modern design to clean the air you breathe, this is your machine.”


Medical grade technology for your home

Our air purifiers were made for the hardest situations and the most dangerous environments. Due to that focus on high quality air purification, we are able to bring the sort of air purification made for hospitals and other medical environments into your home.

Using AI, the longer you own an aeris air purifier, the better it runs and the less energy it uses. 

Our air purifiers were created from the bottom up and use reinvented, innovative HEPA filter materials.

aeris purifiers are made with completely closed designs, where no polluted air is allowed to escape.

Our special anti-microbial coating ensures that viruses do not spread through touch on your purifiers.

Our coating technology protects you from pollutants without the harmful effects of ozone that other purifiers emit.

All our models operate at 35dB(a) at their lowest level, which is comparable to the noise of a quiet whisper.

Complete Commercial Solutions

aeris works closely with a large variety of markets in ensuring complete air purification options for commercial usages, from restaurant chains to large shipping companies.

Award winning:

Our Story - Swiss Designed & MIT Engineered

How do two Swiss friends end up starting an air purifier company? The story, in fact, begins in Beijing.

Pierre Bi, our CEO (right), and Constantin Overlack, our COO (left), visited Beijing in 2012. And they were almost immediately struck by the intensity of the pollution.

Used to the pristine clean air from Switzerland, the experience of a burning throat when waking up in the morning or running for just a couple minutes, left both engineers shocked. And seeing other people suffering from serious respiratory problems made them realize that this was a pressing health concern. So they committed themselves to making the best air purifier possible.

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aair Lite


The air purifier for bedrooms, offices and other small spaces.


aair 3-in-1 Pro


For living rooms, large bedrooms, large offices and general usage.