aeris US Officially Establishes Its Headquarters

The aeris United States branch has expanded yet again. In only one year, it has gone from a bootstrapped, small operation, to a full-blown team and office in California.

Located in Cypress, the new office houses aeris’s entire team (when COVID restrictions are not in place).  And it is more than just a move: it is a symbol of the growth aeris has achieved in a very short window of time.

Due to its exponential growth since January of 2020, aeris US has grown its team from only three to ten. Growth has not been limited to the team: since 2020 aeris has gone live on more than a dozen retail websites, including Best Buy, Macy’s, and Target.

In addition, aeris’s Series A funding round has allowed it to grow in a way few air purifier companies have been able to achieve in such a short timeframe.

“This is only the beginning,” Pierre Bi, aeris’s founder, stated, “Not only are we expanding our team, but we are actively developing multiple products that will continue to extend our dedication to using technology to help protect the health of our customers.  Expect many new announcements over the coming year.”

It is with this commitment to growth, both in business and in product offerings, that has pushed aeris to grow so quickly.

Learn more about aeris on aeris’s about page and see its selection of purifiers on its comparison page.

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