Your Home Will Never Be Completely Dust Free

10:32 pm|

Why is it that no matter how much you clean your home, the dust always returns? Find out what exactly is in dust, how harmful it is to your family, and how you can actually reduce the dust in your home.

Poor Air Quality Is Linked To Cognitive Issues And Brain Disease

6:50 pm|

Numerous studies have shown a correlation between polluted air and brain disease. Because 90% of the world is breathing air that fails to meet The World Health Organization’s standards, this issue can have dire consequences for a large population of the world. 

Lung Cancer Is Now The Most Fatal Cancer For Women

6:22 pm|

Lung cancer is now the number one most fatal cancer for women. Unfortunately, a lack of education about the disease and how it is caused has contributed to the rise of cases. What can we do to prevent this silent killer?

Do Humidifiers Lower Indoor Air Quality?

9:43 pm|

Humidifiers are useful in reducing allergy symptoms, improving respiratory function, and maybe even lowering the transmission of COVID-19. However, they may also play a role in lowering indoor air quality. How can you get the benefits of a humidifier without sacrificing the quality of your air?

7 Air Purifier Myths That Need To Be Debunked

4:07 pm|

Despite the wealth of information about air purifiers, there are still many myths and misconceptions. Sorting out fact from fiction will help you make the best choice in keeping your indoor air clean.

Your Air Purifier Can Not Do These Things

9:25 pm|

High-quality air purifiers are excellent at keeping your indoor air free of pollutants. But, they aren't cure-alls. Here's a list of things that your air purifier isn't able to do.

The CDC Confirms That COVID Is Airborne

4:48 pm|

After reversing its position several times, the CDC joins the World Health Organization in confirming that COVID-19 can also be transmitted through airborne aerosols.

What Happens When Flu Season Occurs During A Pandemic?

3:37 pm|

With a pandemic that has already killed over 200,00 Americans, many people are feeling extra anxious about the upcoming flu season. While they might seem similar, there are some key differences between the flu and COVID which we need to understand in order to best protect ourselves from both potentially life-threatening illnesses.

What Will Post-Pandemic Offices Look Like?

3:03 pm|

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to reevaluate what a safe work environment looks like. Offices around the world are being re-designed to create spaces where workers can be together and still minimize their risk of infection.

Could The Air In Your Home Be Making You Age Prematurely?

6:06 pm|

Recent studies have shown that pollutants in the air can increase the signs of premature aging. Because indoor air is often five times more polluted than outdoor air, air purifiers can be crucial to maintaining youthful, healthy skin.

Why We Should All Be More Worried About Wildfire Smoke

2:17 pm|

California residents impacted by this year's record-breaking wildfire season are well aware of the health dangers that the smoke poses. But, the hazards of wildfire smoke can reach far beyond the affected towns.

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