Study Shows aair Medical Pro Removes Over 99.99% Of The Bacteria That Causes Staph Infections From The Air

At aeris, we are always working hard to make sure our purifiers are operating at the highest possible capacity. Recently, our aair Medical Pro Device was assessed by Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories to determine how effective the device is at removing airborne viruses and bacteria directly from the air. The results were impressive!

About Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories

ARE Labs was formed in 2009 to provide specialized testing and research in the field of aerosol sciences. Their staff is composed of experts in the fields of chemical, mechanical & electrical engineering, biology, chemistry, and physics who have practical experience in the fields of aerosol physics, aerosol chemistry, formulation, inhalation toxicology and aerobiology. ARE has a history of delivering accurate and unbiased results.

The Test

The test was conducted inside of a stainless steel bioaerosol chamber. Staphylococcus epidermidis, the bacteria that causes staph infections, was released in aerosol form. Staphylococcus epidermidis was chosen because it represents a wider range of dangerous pathogens

The first time the organisms were released, the device was turned off. Then, the test was conducted three more times with the aair Medical Pro running at the highest setting. 

Samples were taken from the chamber at 15 minute intervals over a 45 minute timeframe. 

Following each test, the chamber was purged for a minimum of twenty minutes and analyzed to see how much the particle concentration had changed. 

The Results

After only 15 minutes, 99.76% of the staph pathogen were eliminated. Over the entire 45 minute time span, the aair Medical Pro was able to achieve a net reduction of 99.9941% of staph pathogens.

The Implications

The COVID pandemic has put protection from illness at the forefront of our minds. One of the most difficult types of illnesses to protect ourselves from are those that are spread through aerosols (tiny particles of pathogens suspended within a gas). 

Because aerosols are so tiny and light, they can travel long distances, spreading illness to greater amounts of people. Buildings that recirculate air without proper filtration are potentially spreading the aerosol germs throughout indoor spaces.

The best defense against the spread of these indoor pathogens indoors is increased ventilation and air filtration. This recent laboratory test confirms previous research that has shown our aair Medical Pro Device to be extremely effective in eliminating over 99.99% of the tested pathogens. 

Indoor air quality will become increasingly important as climate change, increased globalization, and urbanization contribute to an environment that makes pandemics even more likely.  

But the issue of air quality extends far beyond illness transmission to an array of health concerns, including heart, lung, and brain issues, and even premature death.

With an aair Medical Pro Device you can be sure that your family is getting the highest level of protection against indoor pollutants so that you can all breathe easier. 

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